TOUGU series | 『陶具』シリーズ

TOUGU series  | 『陶具』シリーズ

He is developing a wide range of shapes by using the soil of clay pots. Such as Dutch ovens, Oven pots, and the pot. The Dutch oven can also cook Acqua pazza and rice, and the small pot is suitable for oil dishes such as Ahijo and oven dishes. The pot can also be used as a coffee server, so if you place a dripper and drop the coffee, you can heat it over an open flame even if it cools. In the skillet of the "TOUGU(陶具)" series, which can be cooked using heat-resistant clay over an open flame, heat is transmitted slowly inside due to the far-infrared effect unique to pottery. It can also be used as a container, making the dining table even more gorgeous. The more you use it, the more oil will become familiar with it, and the more you will love it... Please use Makoto Nakata's playful and thoughtful pottery until it becomes a tasteful tool.  

• Makoto Nakata (@Yamashina, Kyoto)


• 中田誠(@京都/山科)