Coffee Kettle with Leather Handle Cover

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A kettle from Niigata Tsubame Sanjo suitable for drip stuck to the spout's thickness and the tip's shape, and the designated Japanese leather cover is attached to the handle part.


The lid is equipped with an analog thermometer. A large dial can measure 60-100 ° C. Extraction can be performed appropriately depending on the application and recipe. The pipe's diameter is used for the spout, and the shape of the tip is handcrafted through trial and error by the artisan. It also comes with a genuine leather cover to reduce heat from the metal handle and drip more comfortably. [Niigata / Tsubamesanjo]

フタにはアナログの温度計を搭載。大きな文字盤で60-100℃が計測可能。用途・レシピによって適切な温度で抽出を行うことができます。注ぎ口に使用されるパイプ径と先端の形状は試行錯誤を繰り返し、 湯量の強弱がつけやすく切れ味が良い注ぎ口となっています。また金属ハンドルからの熱を抑え、より快適にドリップをするため国産本革レザーカバーを付属しています。[新潟/燕三条]